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Fundraise For Our Programs Your Own Way!

Currently, one in seven people in California go hungry daily, and the pandemic has increased the need for food in a time when resources are not immediately available. Start a free fundraiser and take action to help fight food insecurity, your way! Customize your page, invite your friends to get involved, create a fun challenge to generate excitement, and unleash your inner giving spirit.

Step 1

Setup Your Fundraiser

Follow the “Start A Fundraiser ” button to the fundraiser setup screen. Enter your basic information and create your MobileCause account quickly and easily. From there, you can access this fundraising page at any time.

Did you know that food is the #1 item found in landfills? You can help reduce food waste and feed people, simultaneously.

Step 2

Set Your Fundraising Goal

Set the fundraising goal you would like to reach. Having a goal for your fundraiser will encourage people to donate, allow you to measure progress, and generate excitement from current and potential supporters.

One dollar allows Food Finders to provide 11 meals to our partner agencies feeding people in need.

Step 3

Share Your Fundraiser!

Your donation page is set up and ready for sharing.

1. Text the link to people in your circle.

2. Share it on social media with your followers.

3. Email it to your friends, family, and coworkers.

Every 10,000 pounds of food we rescue, prevents 4,560,000 gallons of water from being wasted.

Ready to Get Started?

Food Finders is proud to say over 96% of the monetary donations we receive go directly back into our organization programs. Learn about the work we do to reduce waste and feed our communities here.
Support Food Finders and Give #MoreThanJustFood

Your support of Food Finders provides more than just food- it provides time spent cooking together, reconnecting with friends or family, creating a long-lasting memory, tradition and much more. Make a donation this December and provide someone in need with #MoreThanJustFood.