Fundraise To Fight Hunger & Food Waste

Currently, one in seven people in California go hungry daily, and the pandemic has increased the need for food in a time when resources are not immediately available. Start a free fundraiser and take action to help fight food insecurity, your way! Customize your page, invite your friends to get involved, create a fun challenge to generate excitement, and unleash your inner giving spirit.
Below are the steps you will need to set up a fundraiser on Facebook

Step 1

Setup Your Fundraiser


#1 From a desktop, go to Food Finders Page and click on the ‘Fundraiser Tab’.

Did you know that food is the #1 item found in landfills? You can help reduce food waste and feed people, simultaneously.

Step 2

Create Your Personal Page


#2 Look for ‘Create a Fundraiser’, and click ‘Raise Money’.

One dollar allows Food Finders to provide 11 meals to our partner agencies feeding people in need.

Step 3

Set Your Goals

set fundraising goals for food finders

#3 Add a fundraising goal, currency and deadline- May 8th, then click ‘Next’.

Every 10,000 pounds of food we rescue, prevents 4,560,000 gallons of water from being wasted.

Step 4 Finishing Up

#4 Fill in the title and description (Food Finder’s 33 Birthday), and click ‘Next’.

Use our cover photo or create your own and click ‘Create’.

Food Finders is proud to say over 96% of the monetary donations we receive go directly back into our organization programs. Learn about the work we do to reduce waste and feed our communities here.