Ready to give food? Let’s get started!

Food Finders accepts donations of both perishable and nonperishable food, which then gets distributed to our nonprofit partners, including pantries, shelters and missions. Anything from a single tray of sandwiches or a few canned items to large pallets of food can be donated. In general, all food is kept within the local community from where it was donated. We also accept hygiene items, pet food, and baby food.

FOOD BUSINESS—grocer, market, distributor, restaurant, corporate cafeteria, school or other food vendor—and would like to give food, we are happy to get you started! Your donation can help reduce hunger immediately.  See the information below for SB-1383 and Food Finders.

INDIVIDUALS: If you’re an individual who would like to give food, backyard produce or other items to donate, you may drop off at our office during normal business hours, M-F 8:30 am-5 pm, and we will be happy to provide a tax receipt for your donation. Our address is: 10539 Humbolt St., Los Alamitos CA 90720.

HOST FOOD DRIVE: Hosting a food drive is a great way to make an impact and involve your community.  Contact Mark Eden, and he will help you to set up and then arrange to collect all the food from your food drive. Use the form below and we will contact you

Nonperishable Food Donation Guidelines: Food donation guidelines -nonperishable

Food Donor Information: Fighting Hunger and Impacting Climate Change

California SB 1383 requires certain food businesses to donate the maximum amount of edible food they would otherwise dispose, to food recovery organizations like Food Finder.

The law phases food donors in under two tiers (see chart from CalRecycle). The first tier is required to donate starting in 2022. The second tier is required to donate starting in 2024.


Mandated food donors can help their communities now by starting to work with the Food Finders Food Acquisitions Team below:

Anna Arevalo (562) 283-1400 Ext 105
Mark Eden (562) 283-1400 Ext 117

After Hours Call or Text: (562) 233 – 3247

Some of Our Donor Partners