Food Rescue Program

Our daily Food Rescue Program is unique from food banking because we rescue everything from dairy and bakery items to produce, deli, meats, and prepared items, along with canned and packaged goods. Our program is termed ‘rescue’ because we are keeping good, edible, perishable food from being lost to a landfill.

2023 Food Finders Food Rescue Impact:

  • 16,151,873 Lbs. Rescued
  • 13,459,894 meals provided
  • 8,770,467 – Co2E not emitted from landfills (in lbs)
  • 7,365,254,088 – Gallons of water saved

2022 Food Finders Food Rescue Impact:

  • Rescued 13,709,033 pounds of food
  • Provided 11,419,624 meals to food-insecure communities
  • Saved 6,251,319,048 billion gallons of water
  • Diverted 7,444,004 pounds of C02 emissions

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The Process is Simple

With our Food Rescue Program, overage food from restaurants, grocers, corporate cafeterias, schools, and more is collected and delivered directly to nonprofit shelters, missions, pantries, and centers where it is used to feed people who are disadvantaged and food insecure. Food is donated and distributed free of charge within the same community from which it came. In an hour or less, each individual ‘food rescue’ is completed with the help of staff drivers and a network of volunteers, allowing Food Finders to rescue millions of pounds of food annually.

Food Donations

Donations to the Food Finders Food Rescue Program are supported and encouraged by the federal Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and the California Health Code, so donors are protected from liability when donating to a non-profit.

If you have questions about Donating Food, contact our Food Acquisitions Coordinator:

Mark Eden (562) 283-1400 Ext 117

Volunteers Are Important To Our Process

Your contribution of time and energy as a Food Finders Volunteer helps us to continue to rescue edible foods–distributing them into the community to fight hunger and keeping them out of landfills to protect the magnificent beauty of our planet for future generations.

Rescuing food as a volunteer is done using our food rescue mobilization app, Food Finders, Inc., which you can download after filling in your application to become a volunteer at

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Isabella Gomez (562) 283 – 1400 Ext 112