Food4Kids Program


According to the Public Policy Council of California, about 3.7 million California students qualify for subsidized meals. This oftentimes will be their main source of food during the week, but what about when they go home for the weekend?

Food4Kids is a program that grew out of this concern for local children often going hungry on weekends and faltering, sometimes failing, at schools where as much as 90% of the population and their families are determined to be living at or below the poverty line. While subsidized meal programs at schools help during the week, many children start school on Monday with hunger overshadowing any focus on learning.

Prior to COVID, the Food 4 Kids Program was delivering 385 bags of food every week to 15 Title 1 Long Beach Elementary Schools*. In many cases, these bags of food provided families with their only weekend food option. Your past support helped us to serve over 10,780 meals per week to these families in need. With schools back to in-person learning, we are thrilled to be kicking off our Food 4 Kids Program —with plans to expand to 30 Schools by the Fall of 2022.

Long Beach Unified School District reached out to us with a request to add and support the 12 High School Wellness Centers. Your support of this program would mean that together we can serve 21,560  meals per week by delivering over 770 bags of food to families in Long Beach in 2022.

Here are Three ways you can help support Food 4 Kids:

#1 Click the Donate Today below

#2 Text: F4K To: 41444

#3  Volunteer to help sort, pack, and then deliver the Food 4 Kids Bags.

*What is a Title 1 School? According to the Department of Education, “a Title 1 school is one in which children from low- income families make up at least 40 percent of enrollment” In Long Beach California, 88.7% of Title 1 Schools’ student population are from low-income families. This is why our Food 4 Kids program exists.

ARE YOU A FOOD VENDOR? If you’re a food vendor interested in donating, please contact Tray Turner at (562) 283-1400 x105  or Mark Eden (562) 283-1400 x117

 WANT TO VOLUNTEER?  Contact Kevin Burciaga at (562) 283-1400 x112, or CLICK HERE

We appreciate your support for this important program!

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