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According to the Public Policy Council of California, about 3.7 million California students qualify for subsidized meals. This oftentimes will be their main source of food during the week, but what about when they go home for the weekend? Food4Kids is a program that grew out of this concern for local children often going hungry on weekends and faltering, sometimes failing, at schools where as much as 90% of the population and their families are determined to be living at or below the poverty line. While subsidized meal programs at schools help during the week, many children start school on Monday with hunger overshadowing any focus on learning.

During the school year, Food Finders’ provides totes or cases of non-perishable food items to local Long Beach schools. This donated and purchased food, packed and delivered by a team of volunteers, provides enough for 4-6 meals per family over the weekend in an effort to bridge the hunger gap many children experience when school meals are not available. The program is supported by volunteers who pack groceries and deliver up to 35 bags per school every Friday.

Chris and a volunteer delivering food for kids bags to a elementary school.

If you’re a food vendor interested in donating, please contact Chris Wong at (562) 283-1400 x105 or If you’d like to volunteer, contact Sylvia Rosas at (562) 283-1400 x111, or

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