Flux Sucks – Goodwill Is A Good Antidote

The heat is on, the season is in full swing, and families, employers, and businesses are still in various stages of flux. If you’d bet the pandemic would last past a year, you’d be cashing in right now.

Some people are making the most of the situation and taking advantage of productive, remote working situations, building more downtime into their schedules to spend with family and friends, visits to the beach and even time to cook more meals.

But a few blocks from your house or even just a few doors away, there are people struggling to stay positive. Summer is especially stressful. For parents, it brings the question of who will provide childcare if it’s even available, or how do I ensure my children are engaged if they’re not in a camp, summer school or community program? At the most basic level—”How do I keep my family from going hungry?” is being asked by one in five families, particularly while there’s no access to school meal programs.

The Health Care Agency of Orange County, published a study late last year that showed an 83% increase in the number of children facing food insecurity compared to 2018. USC Dornsife’s Public Exchange released a report around the same time last year about hunger in L.A., reinforcing how children experiencing hunger “are at a higher risk for cognitive problems, anxiety and depression.” Recently congress submitted an update to legislation called the Stop Child Hunger Act, with the intention of making summer food support permanent rather than a year-by-year consideration.

There IS something you can do, and not only will it improve your own mental health but will make an immediate impact and provide some stability to others. Your donation to Food Finders’ Summer To End Hunger drive ensures struggling kids and their families can eat, alleviating the stress of affording food so they can focus on other expenses and needs. Whether you’re collecting canned goods or cash, you’re supporting hundreds of nonprofits that in turn are serving thousands of families.

There’s an entire month of our drive remaining to continue addressing this immediate need – don’t go it alone. Enlist your tribe, your team, your ten or so friends or family members and make an even bigger impact!

Young Boy Holding Donations With his Mask OnEvents

Summer To End hunger Is Here

Over 22 million children in schools nationwide rely on both breakfast and lunch programs to get their everyday meals. However, because school is not in session, only 4 million children receive these same food programs over the summer. These children then go hungry during summer as their parents struggle to balance earning wages and putting food on the table.

In June, we kicked off our annual Summer To End Hunger food drive, an event aimed at supporting those children by being a resource for healthy food. Throughout the summer we distribute blue collection bins to local businesses around the community so people can donate food items that we will distribute to children and their families via numerous nonprofit agencies in the community. Last year we were able to provide 237 boxes of food to families with children in need.

This year we need your help more than ever as demand has skyrocketed due to recent economic impacts. Anyone can participate in the food drive — organizations, groups, clubs, neighborhoods and individuals can also help by holding their own drives — collecting items from the recommended list.

In addition, you can help by volunteering to pack the food into family boxes that get distributed by filling out our volunteer application located here.

Food Finders has a goal to distribute 1500 boxes by the end of August, so please contact our partner agency coordinator, Veronica, via email at or phone number (562 283 1400 x107) to get involved. Let’s work together in making this Summer a healthy season for all!

Support Food Finders and Give #MoreThanJustFood

Your support of Food Finders provides more than just food- it provides time spent cooking together, reconnecting with friends or family, creating a long-lasting memory, tradition and much more. Make a donation this December and provide someone in need with #MoreThanJustFood.