Our nonprofit recipient agencies ensure our donated food reaches people who need it the most. Become A Partner Agency

We are proud to work alongside and serve more than 400 nonprofit recipient agencies across Southern California. Recipient agencies receive and distribute food through their programs, events, and resource centers. These can range from food pantries and missions to senior programs and sober living homes.

You must be a registered 501c3 organization to become a recipient agency in our network. Please click on the button below to download our Agency Agreement Form and complete the list of requested attachments, then mail or fax back to the contacts on the form. For more details or if you have questions, please contact our Partner Agency Coordinators, Isabel Gallegos or Yvette Acosta at or They can also be reached via office phone at:

Isabel Gallegos: (562) 283 – 1400 ext. 111 Yvette Acosta: (562) 283 – 1400 ext.109  David Martinez (562) 283-1400 ext. 109

Recipient Agency Staff Unloading Our Truck With Donations
Support Food Finders and Give #MoreThanJustFood

Your support of Food Finders provides more than just food- it provides time spent cooking together, reconnecting with friends or family, creating a long-lasting memory, tradition and much more. Make a donation this December and provide someone in need with #MoreThanJustFood.