In the nonprofit world, one of the primary challenges seems to be how to sustain an organization’s programs, which ultimately means the resources and revenue stream that fuels them. Some nonprofits serve strictly local areas, some national and others are global in reach, and their budgets flex according to need, economic climate, and growth. Certainly, it’s essential to find your niche as a nonprofit, have a clear mission and then do what you say you’re going to do, and being good stewards of income is essential, especially to retain donors.

Foundations and corporations are two wonderful revenue sources, and most have a specific interest or philanthropical focus–education, arts, racial justice, health and well-being or food security, to name a few–while some support more than one area. Sometimes corporations will match donations, resulting in an even larger financial impact as they support individual employees’ diverse charitable interests.

While grants and corporate funding are wonderful sources of revenue, it tends to ebb and flow depending on fiscal cycles, investment income, stakeholder preferences and imminent need, such as with Covid-19. Likewise, some nonprofits have cyclical, short-term projects or capital campaigns that solicit one-time or large donations. More commonly, nonprofits have ongoing programs that require year-round support, so recurring donations are vital.

Food Finders operates several ongoing programs, with its Food Rescue Program being core to its mission. In 32 years, that program has grown from a kitchen table effort to a multi-regional operation that wouldn’t be possible without a diverse stream of income. However, as most people know, the program runs daily, not just during holidays, school days or summer. So, not quite ten years ago we launched an individual monthly giving program to ensure those being served would be able to eat at the end of February or March, like when their paycheck ran out, just as well as during Thanksgiving. Hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

Recently, we rebranded our monthly giving program to The Share Table. This new name and brand embodies one of our core values, Community, inviting people to participate in a way that is meaningful and that embraces a shared passion and commitment to giving that in turn allows Food Finders to carry on our mission of reducing hunger efficiently and effectively. A Share Table membership comes with some added perks as well, which includes recognition on our website, and soon, in our office foyer!

Andrew Maxwell is one of our latest members and a special needs teacher with LAUSD who started volunteering at Food Finders last year during the pandemic. With class instruction being online, he had some extra time on his hands to donate. He shared, “I saw through the school how meals were essential for the students and how much hunger was an issue, so I chose Food Finders because of their mission. I like what you do, and I like that there are multiple ways to volunteer.”  Now that students and staff are returning to campus, The Share Table was a perfect way for Andrew to continue giving back monetarily when he couldn’t give his time.

We encourage others who want to become involved as Andrew did, to give monthly as well. When you sign up, it’s automatic, environmentally friendly, and convenient–you don’t have to remember each month to write a check and find a stamp or to go online. Your gift is deeply appreciated. And if your employer does match, even better! Then after you sign up, share about it with a friend.

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