The SoCal Honda Dealers Helpful Honda Team were in the wareHOUSE! Right now, thousands of families across SoCal are struggling to put a meal on the table and feed their loved ones. So, the Helpful Honda Team and Food Finders joined forces this past Wednesday to sort and pack family meal boxes, and thanks to their help, 165 family boxes were sent to our partner agencies that assist food-insecure families around SoCal.

We interviewed their group leader, Zuli, about the team’s purpose and what they hope to accomplish. “Our sole mission is to be helpful to the community,” Zuli said, “… and what I enjoy most about the Helpful Honda Team is that we are always helping them in whatever way we can, wherever we can.”

Thank you, Helpful Honda Team, including Zuli, Gabby, Carolina, and Christian, for helping us achieve our mission to reduce hunger. You guys are amazing and truly do walk the walk.

If you would like to make an impact on reducing food waste and hunger help us grow our food rescue operations: Donate

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